Misfit Designs cartoons are available for publication in print and online. Contact the artist with questions/ publication requests. NOTE: Click here for rules about sharing our artwork.


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Size/type of publication, number of insertions*, and whether art is to be used print, online, or both, affect rates. Here are some general guidelines, which are subject to change without notice. Horse Rescues, Therapeutic Riding programs and Horse Shows benefitting charities receive discounted pricing. Please email us for pricing specific to your needs. These rates apply to archived (previously published) cartoons. Rates for 'debut rights' to a new cartoon are different.

*Each cartoon is an additional insertion. Using the same cartoon in print and online in the same publication will sometimes count as being two insertions.

Size / Type of Publication Per Insertion
FACEBOOK - For-Profit business pages must pay to use our work. Fee depends on reach (# of likes) Starting at $25
Club Newsletter (i.e. pony club, riding councils) or unrated horse show prize list $25
Statewide Newsletter, bulletin, magazine or horse "C" rated show prize list $50
Regional (multi-state, limited region) Newsletter, bulletin, publication or" B" rated horse show prize list $75
Printed or Online Publication: circulation up to 50,000 copies / subscriber reach $75
A or AA Rated (or equivalent) Horse Show Prize List $100
Printed or Online Publication: circulation of 50K - 250K copies / subscriber reach $125
Printed or online publication: over 250K copies / subscriber reach $150
Broadcast media: online publication with unlimited reach (i.e. a website or non-subscriber publication) $175 and up
For use in advertisements $100 and up
For sale on merchandise Varies

A signed, written agreement is required, along with payment in full, before any artwork can be released.

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