Congratulations to "Dear Murray", 2013 Winner of the ESMA for "Best Talking Animal!"

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Dear Murray columns are available for publication to any Horse Rescue/Retirement Organization or Therapeutic Riding program at no charge. These organizations are welcome to use columns directly from Murray's facebook page. If you prefer we send you a column for print or online use, please write to us and let us know which column you'd like to publish. You can find all of the available columns on the Dear Murray Facebook Page

If you are not a Horse Rescue/Retirement or Therapeutic Riding organization, there is a small publication fee per column. Murray will donate part of this fee to horse rescue.

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Horse Rescue/Retirement or Therapeutic Riding Program No Charge
Other Publications  
(includes printed publications, websites, blogs, etc) $25 per column *

* Publication rates are per column, per insertion. Murray will donate part of your publication fee to local Horse Rescue / Retirement or Therapeutic Riding program. So please don't publish his columns without asking and paying the appropriate fee. Help Murray continue to help other horses.


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